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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

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Firefighters offer holiday safety tips

Frankfort, Ind. – With the holiday season here, Frankfort firefighters encourage resident to use extra caution to avoid fire hazards related to space heaters, dry Christmas trees and extra extension cords.

“Make sure all smoke detectors and carbon dioxide detectors in your home are in working order. We have installed more than 3,500 smoke detectors for residents in Frankfort this year through our smoke detector blitz program. We have smoke detectors available at Fire Department headquarters at 257 South Clay Street for anyone who needs one. Carbon dioxide detectors can be purchased at hardware stores.

“Always have a working fire extinguisher in an easy-to-reach location. We recommend the ABC brand because that kind of extinguisher can handle common household fires,” Fire Chief John Kirby said.

Additional holiday-related safety tips:

  • ensure there is at least 36 inches of clearance around space heaters and portable heaters
  • ensure you water live Christmas trees to avoid them drying out and becoming a fire hazard
  • keep Christmas tree skirts away from space heaters
  • limit the number of electrical cords in any outlet and power strip (including exterior outlets)
  • have chimneys and furnaces professionally inspected and cleaned to prevent carbon monoxide fumes
  • blow out candles and extinguish fires in fireplaces before leaving home and going to bed
  • prevent burns in the kitchen by using oven mitts
  • cool minor burns with cool water; if they blister, seek medical attention.

“Create an escape plan with two ways out of your home and practice the plan with your family. Often, children old enough to understand the escape plan concept, are very effective ‘escape plan captains’ to help create the plan and get the entire family engaged in this important safety step,” Kirby said.

Fire Department officials also urge motorists to keep extra blankets, a flashlight and shovel in the car during winter months as well as ensure cell phones are fully charged when traveling.

“Our goal is to minimize common fire hazards while maximizing everyone’s safety and enjoyment during this holiday season,” Kirby said.