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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

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Board of Public Works Meeting Minutes – October 25, 2017

The Board of Public Works and Safety met in a regular meeting on Wednesday, October 25, 2017 at 2:00 PM in the Council Chamber, 301 East Clinton Street, Frankfort, Indiana. The following action was taken:

Mayor McBarnes called the meeting to order and led the assembly in the Pledge of Allegiance. Judy Sheets then prayed. Mayor McBarnes, Ken Estes, Jim Siegfried, Troy Bacon, Jason Forsythe, John Kirby, Sam Payne, Jack Dodd, Les Bergum, Judy Sheets and Barb Conner were present.

MINUTES:  The minutes of the October 11, 2017 regular meeting were presented.  Ken Estes made the motion to accept the minutes as presented.  Jim Siegfried seconded the motion.  Motion passed 3-0.

PUBLIC COMMENTS:  Susie Trees and Nancy Harshbarger spoke on behalf of Zonta. Susie Trees said they were here to talk about turning Old Stoney Orange.  The month of November is to eliminate violence against girls and women. She said that last year she had worked with Jim Siegfried on turning Old Stoney orange.  Susie also mentioned that after the meeting last year Chief Bacon and Street Superintendent Jason Forsythe came to her and said that they could put signs at their buildings.   Nancy Harshbarger said that from November 25th – December 10th they would like to be able to have signs at the City Building.  Mayor McBarnes said they could put them out at all of their buildings.  Jack Dodd said that one day they would have all employees wear orange.  After some discussion, Mayor McBarnes said that day would be November 27th.  Jack Dodd will notify all employees.

HUMAN RESOURCES:  Jack Dodd, said we will have Anthem Health Insurance again for next year.  There would still be the PPO program and an HSA (high deductible).  He also mentioned there was going to be a Wellness program with IU Health.

STREET DEPARTMENT: Jason Forsythe, Street Superintendent and Acting Park Superintendent said that he would like to get Jack Dodd’s and the BOW approval on the hiring of his part timers. The back grounds and drug test came back good.  Jack Dodd and the Board gave Jason the approval for the Part timers to start on Oct. 30th.

ATTORNEY:  Les Bergum, said the Board needs to accept the lowest bid from JR Kelley for $315,000.00 for the 206 E. Washington St. wall.  Jim Siegfried made the motion to accept the bid from JR Kelley.  Ken Estes seconded the motion.  Motion passed 3-0.  Les said the AIA documents from KJG needs to be approved by execution of Mayor. Mayor McBarnes signed the AIA documents.  Jim Siegfried made the motion to accept the notice to proceed.  Ken Estes seconded the motion.  Motion passed 3-0.  Jeremy Duff with KJG Engineering said he would just need to get with the board to choose the bricks.  There was some discussion with Jeremy about the wall project.  Les opened bids for the Demolition of 257 Blinn Ave.  They are as follows:

Russell Trucking             $9,384.00

Ridenour Excavating          7,900.00

Howe Construction            7,400.00

Mayor McBarnes asked Sam if he had a preference on contractors.  According to Sam, Ridenour and Howe have both done good jobs in the past and he has never had a problem with them.  Mayor said he would accept the low bid from Jeremy Howe.  Jim Siegfried made the motion to accept the bid from Jeremy Howe Construction.  Ken Estes seconded the motion.  Motion passed 3-0.  Les said that the City had received a letter from Aquatic Management proposing $116,246.00 for the 2018 management of the pool.  It is up around 2% and everything else would be the same.  Les said he needs the Board to authorize him to write a letter to them.  Jim Siegfried made the motion to authorize Les Bergum to write a letter to Aquatic Management.  Ken Estes seconded the motion.  Motion passed 3-0.

POLICE DEPARTMENT: Police Chief Troy Bacon, said they are ready for Halloween at 5:00 on Oct. 31st.  He said thousands come trick or treating at the department.  Chief Bacon said there are more officers on patrol that night.  He said the Babysitting classes start today and go through Nov. 15th.  They are for 12-18 year olds.  They teach signs of abuse, CPR and many other things.  Chief Bacon said there are some concerns and safety issues at Friendship Village.  He said he talked to Vanessa at Friendship Village and told her that he would like to go talk to the residents.  He wants to make Lohsl Lane safe for seniors.

FIRE DEPARTMENT:  Fire Chief John Kirby, they will get child prevention grant kits to pass out to kids.  Chief Kirby said they cooked 400 hot dogs at Green Meadows and played with the kids.  He said that he will be having a meeting with Kirby Risk about LED Lighting at 9:00 on Thursday. He also passed out a LED Lighting Audit from Energy Harness Corporation.  Chief Kirby said they have their next candidate to send to the Fire Public Safety Medical.  It is Kyle McKenzie from Lafayette.  Mayor McBarnes said that he is fine with the process.  Chief Kirby said the Pension Secretary pays for the physicals.  He also mentioned that there 3 stations are gearing up for Halloween.

STREET DEPARTMENT: Jason Forsythe, Street Superintendent, said he would like to approve Brandon Einmen to start at the Park and Nevin Creasy to start at the Street Dept. on Oct. 30th.  Ken Estes made the motion to approve the hiring of Brandon Einmen at the Park and Nevin Creasy at the Street Dept.  Jim Siegfried seconded the motion.  Motion passed 3-0.  Jason said the Milling will begin Friday around the Rossville Ave. and Clinton St. area.  Jason needs to notify the downtown and this will be the same for paving the roads.  Jason also said the Spray and Bed liners look nice.

PARKS DEPARTMENT:  Jason Forsythe, Park Superintendent, said they have been working diligently on the Christmas Lights.  City Light & Power is getting the big displays out.  He also said that VFW is donating money towards a new display.   Jason mentioned that they have been renting the large shelter for 2019.  The petting zoo received a new female chicken today.  He also said that it was impressive to watch the Fire and Police work on the accident this week.   Mayor McBarnes said that it was definitely team work.

BUILDING INSPECTOR:  Sam Payne, Building Inspector, mentioned the sidewalk bids.  Mayor McBarnes said that we have utilized very little.  Sam said there have been 20 estimates with 4 completed.  Mayor McBarnes asked Sam to get him the number of all contracts and estimates.  Sam said there is a Hearing Authority meeting with Mitch Seals on Thursday.  He also said that Hernan Cruz has covered about ¾ of his area and has written some tickets.



CLAIMS:  Claims were presented.   Ken Estes made a motion to approve the claims as presented.  Jim Siegfried seconded the motion.  Motion passed 3-0. The claim docket was signed.

ADJOURNMENT: There being no further business to come before the board Mayor McBarnes adjourned the meeting.