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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

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City Council Meeting Minutes – August 14, 2017

The Common Council met in a regular meeting on August 14, 2017 in the Council Chambers, 301 East Clinton Street, Frankfort, Indiana at 7:00 PM and the following action was taken:

James Moyer called the meeting to order, and led the assembly in the Pledge of Allegiance. Lewis Wheeler then prayed. Upon roll call the following members were present:   Jim Moyer, Joe Palmer, Eric Woods, Clarence Warthan, and Wanda Mitchell. Also present: Les Bergum, City Attorney and Barbara Conner. Mayor McBarnes, Steve Beardsley, and Clerk-Treasurer Judith Sheets were absent.

MINUTES:   The minutes for the July 17, 2017 regular meeting were presented. Lewis Wheeler made the motion to approve the minutes from the July 17, 2017 regular meeting. Clarence Warthan seconded the motion.  Upon roll call vote six “ayes” – Eric Woods, Wanda Mitchell, Clarence Warthan, Jim Moyer, Joe Palmer and Lewis Wheeler. Motion passed 6-0.


ORDINANCE 17-10:   AN ORDINANCE AMENDING CHAPTER 90 OF THE MUNICIPAL CODE OF THE CITY OF FRANKFORT RELATING TO ANIMALS AND ANIMAL CONTROL. Eric Woods made a motion to pass Ordinance 17-10 on the 3rd Reading. Wanda Mitchell seconded the motion. Upon roll call vote five “ayes” – Eric Woods, Wanda Mitchell, Joe Palmer, Clarence Warthan, Lewis Wheeler were recorded and one “nay” – Jim Moyer. Ordinance 17-10 passed 5-1 on the third reading.

ORDINANCE 17-08:   AN ORDINANCE AMENDING SECTION 34.06 OF THE MUNICIPAL CODE OF THE CITY OF FRANKFORT RELATING TO CIVIL PENALTIES COLLECTED BY THE VIOLATIONS BUREAU.  Lewis Wheeler made a motion to pass Ordinance 17-08 on the third reading. Clarence Warthan seconded the motion. Upon roll call vote six “ayes” were recorded. Ordinance 17-08 passed on the third reading 6-0.

ORDINANCE 17-11: ORDINANCE OF THE COMMON COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF FRANKFORT, INDIANA CONFIRMING ITS DECLARATORY RATE ORDINANCE ESTABLISHING NEW ELECTRIC RATES AND CHARGES. Joe Palmer made the motion to read Ordinance 17-11 by Title only. Clarence Warthan seconded the motion. Upon roll call vote six “ayes” were recorded. Ordinance 17-11 was read by Title Only. Discussion followed – Les said there were a few modifications following the hearings in Indianapolis to this ordinance that has been approved as a Declaratory Ordinance, so this is the Confirmatory. The Council packets included the redline changes. The plan is to approve this on the 1st reading tonight and then Nick Kyle should be here for the second reading, in case anybody has questions. Clarence Warthan made the motion to pass Ordinance 17-11 on the first reading. Joe Palmer seconded the motion. Upon roll call vote six “ayes” were recorded.   Ordinance 17-11 passed on the first reading 6-0.

OLD BUSINESS:   Insurance Benefits Committee discussion. Eric Woods said that HR Director, Jack Dodd would be speaking. Jack said back on Feb. 10, 2014 the Council passed a Resolution which accepted the restated and amended bylaws of the Health Insurance committee. It was to consist of 9 members to look at the health insurance program for the City and the USB. 9 members is rather large to look into a complicated issue as health insurance. One thing the Human Resources do is look into health insurance and all benefits. Jack said we need to stay current and need to look at how we can adjust our insurance benefits and get the most for our buck. Jack stated that he had brought forward and talked to a couple and made some suggestions of reducing the number of members on this committee.   I would like for the Council to consider reducing the number of people on this committee, so that we can move quickly and rapidly on our insurance. He said we need to be creative and reactive on our Health Insurance. It is one of the largest components on our budget when you stop and think about it. Jack said that he was here if you have any questions. Eric Woods said that what we have now is a different set of expectations since we have an HR Director here Monday thru Friday. He is doing some of the work that was expected of that committee.   He said he spoke with Steve Beardsley weeks ago and we felt that with Jack here we need more of an Administrative component to this committee that would make the upper level recommendations back to the Mayor and to the Council. Of course, at a certain juncture it will be necessary for employees from the City and Utilities to weigh in on options, but early in the process when we are talking about the physical make up of plans and are talking money it is probably not appropriate at that point. The members consist of the Clerk-Treasurer, 3 Council, 2 USB, Mayor, 1 Utility employee and 1 City employee. Eric said that we are just bringing this to the Council for discussion. Eric also mentioned that Judy would like to be removed since Jack is on there. Eric suggested to remove Clerk-Treasurer, 1 Council, 2 employees right now, so that it went down to 5 members. According to Jack he said that the USB passed a similar ordinance. Les said the City would have to re-do their bylaws. There was more discussion that followed. Eric Woods asked if they should bring a draft Resolution to the next meeting. Jim Moyer said it would be a great idea.

Jim Moyer passed out the schedule for the Budget Hearings for August 17th. He said due to the Mayor and the Clerk-Treasurer being gone, we need to cancel and reschedule. According to the financial experts the week of Aug. 28-30 would still be okay to have the hearings. The Council was all in agreement to hold the hearings on August 30th. From 8-6:30. According to Jack Dodd Steve Beardsley wouldn’t be available next week but he would check with him on the following week. The same budget hearing schedule will be used for August 30th.


ADJOURNMENT:   There being no further business to come before the Council, Joe Palmer made a motion to adjourn. Eric Woods seconded the motion. Jim Moyer adjourned the meeting.