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Board of Public Works Meeting Minutes – July 26, 2017

The Board of Public Works and Safety met in a regular meeting on Wednesday, July 26, 2017 at 2:00 PM in the Council Chamber, 301 East Clinton Street, Frankfort, Indiana. The following action was taken:

Ken Estes called the meeting to order and led the assembly in the Pledge of Allegiance. Ken Estes then prayed. Ken Estes, Jim Siegfried, Troy Bacon, Jason Forsythe, Ed Cripe, Sam Payne, Brittany Parker, Jack Dodd, Les Bergum, and Judy Sheets were present. Mayor Chris McBarnes was absent.

MINUTES: The minutes of the July 12, 2017 regular meeting were presented. Jim Siegfried made the motion to accept the minutes as presented. Ken Estes seconded the motion. Motion carried 2-0.

PUBLIC COMMENTS:  Kalen Jackson said they were going to be having a 5 K race on Sept. 9th at 8:00 to raise money for the Open Door Health clinic. The route will go across Jackson Street, to TPA park and the Armory.   She said they are needing to block the roads. Ken Estes told her to get with the Police Chief and with Jason Forsythe.   Erin Wyrick – E. Barner St. between Jackson St and Clay there is parking allowed. That is the only stretch on that road that parking is allowed on both sides and the only section that allows parking on the North side.   She had $1800.00 in damage to her vehicle from a car. She has also had to replace 2 heated mirrors. Jason Forsythe suggested I come here and tell you. Ken Estes told her that they would discuss this and see what they could do. He told Erin that they would get back with her.

POLICE DEPARTMENT:  Troy Bacon, Police Chief, discussed the Hot Dog Festival and said down town will be congested this weekend. They will have officers there on foot. Chief Bacon gave the departments statistics for this year.   They have had 7,503 service calls since January. 2,486 of those were traffic stops. They have given 615 tickets, 910 warnings and made 209 adult arrests. Of those 209 77 or 37% were drug arrests.

Ken Estes thanked Jason and Troy for their hard work with the Hot Dog Festival. There was discussion about the Hot Dog Festival.

FIRE DEPARTMENT: Ed Cripe, Assistant Fire Chief, said they need to ratify 5-Alarm bid. Everything in all fire trucks will be Hurst equipment. Everything will be compatible. Jim Siegfried made the motion to ratify the bid and take it out of fire equipment. Ken Estes seconded the motion. Asst. Chief Cripe said they had a couple of Assets to remove. 2 1/2 “ hose they are donating it to the Northeast Fire territory. He said they also need to remove 4” LDH. They sold the sections of LDH to North Judson Fire Dept. for $4,000.00. Ken Estes thanked Ed for finding a buyer.

Attorney Les Bergum, said there was some papers needing approved. BILL OF SALE, for the sale of 30 sections of hose to North Judson Volunteer Fire Dept for $4,000.00. CERTIFICATE OF DONATION OF FIRE EQUIPMENT, 25 SECTIONS OF USED 2.5 inch diameter fire hose. There are also 2 releases. RELEASE –North Judson Volunteer Fire Dept., dated July 21, 2017 signed by Eric Wappel. RELEASE –Northeast Fire Territory dated July 25, 2017 and signed by Dustin Phillips. Jim Siegfried made the motion to accept the BILL OF SALE, 2 RELEASES, and the DONATION. Ken Estes seconded the motion.

The Fire Dept. will be serving pork burgers again this year at the Hot Dog Festival. This year they have installed 2,612 smoke detectors, changed 107 batteries in 1100 homes. Ed gave kudos to his department for their hard work. They are leading the state for the SE portion, which ends August 5th.

PARKS DEPARTMENT: Assistant Park Superintendent, Brittany Parker said the repairs to the petting zoo fence have been fixed. On August 10th, the shed will be rebuilt. Friday morning she will be taking the animals to the Hot Dog Festival. Brittany also mentioned that trusses are going up on the bathrooms.

STREET DEPARTMENT: Jason Forsythe, Street Superintendent, said this year they have made $3,705.33 for recycling. They have recycled 653,934 pounds through June. The Street Dept. put a sign up in honor of Wayne Webster on Tuesday. Jason mentioned that they would have 2 different vehicles for trash and 4 guys for the Hot Dog Festival. This will start on Friday and all day Saturday. The Division B parking lots for the Fire Department, Jason said he would like to propose to the Board to award it to Crenshaw Paving for $31,322.00. This would be paid out of LOIT.  Jim Siegfried made the motion to approve Crenshaw Paving for the Division B paving bid. Ken Estes seconded the motion.

BUILDING INSPECTOR:  Sam Payne, Building Inspector, said that they have received several bids on replacing their printer. He mentioned that Susan Palmer did a great job in communicating and comparing all the bids. Sam said he would like to go with Braden for $4,726.00. Jim Siegfried made the motion to accept the bid from Braden. Ken Estes seconded the motion. This will be paid out of 101011451.000. Sam said he would like the Board to wave the building permit fees for the Building Trades class. They are going to build a house at 2040 Brookside Ct. Ken Estes said we have always waved the fees for the class. Jim Siegfried made the motion to wave the building permit fees for the Building Trades class. Ken Estes seconded the motion. Sam said that Mr. Howe is here for the demolition on S. Second St. There was discussion on this, because Mayor McBarnes was not there to sign the contract. Mr. Howe would like to start immediately. Jim Siegfried made the motion to approve the contract effective today. Ken Estes seconded the motion.

HUMAN RESOURCES:  Jack Dodd, mentioned a reminder that Judy and himself and some others would be at the Hot Dog Festival Saturday from 3-5:00.

ATTORNEY: Les Bergum, said everything he had has already been covered.



CLAIMS: Claims were presented. Jim Siegfried made a motion to approve the claims as presented.     Ken Estes seconded the motion. Motion passed 2-0. The claim docket was signed.

ADJOURNMENT: There being no further business to come before the board adjourned the meeting.