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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

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Old Stoney to turn blue in honor of law enforcement

Frankfort, Ind. – Old Stoney will be turned blue beginning tonight at dusk and remain so until the morning of Tuesday, August 8 in recognition of Frankfort’s dedicated police officers and in memory of the tragic passing of two outstanding police officers in Indianapolis and Southport.

“The past several days have been extremely painful and difficult for many in our community with tragic car accidents that have impacted several families along with our first responders who dealt with those scenes, along with the heartbreaking loss of two admired police officers in communities to our south.

“Because tonight is our Police Department’s annual National Night Out in TPA Park and to show our gratitude for our courageous and skillful police officers, we are turning our beloved community icon, Old Stoney, blue in their honor.

“While our public safety servants do their jobs so well, we should never forget the very real dangers they face in performing their duties every day. Turning Old Stoney blue is a tribute to the fallen officers and especially to our own dedicated officers who keep us safe day in and day out,” Mayor Chris McBarnes announced.

In the future, various colored lenses recently purchased to turn the building lights different colors will be used in recognition of specific groups, events and times of the year.