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Monday, July 16, 2018

News & Updates

City Council Meeting Minutes – June 12, 2017

The Common Council met in a regular meeting on June 12, 2017 in the Council Chambers, 301 East Clinton Street, Frankfort, Indiana at 7:00 PM and the following action was taken:

Mayor Chris McBarnes called the meeting to order, and led the assembly in the Pledge of Allegiance. Clarence Warthan then prayed. Upon roll call the following members were present:   Jim Moyer, Joe Palmer, Clarence Warthan, Wanda Mitchell, Lewis Wheeler and Steve Beardsley. Also present: Les Bergum, City Attorney and Judy Sheets, Clerk-Treasurer.   Absent: Eric Woods.

MINUTES:   The minutes for the May 22, 2017 regular meeting were presented. Lewis Wheeler made a motion to approve the minutes from the May 22, 2017 regular meeting. Jim Moyer seconded the motion.  Upon roll call vote six “ayes” were recorded. Motion passed.

PUBLIC COMMENTS:   Jim Siegfried presented a plaque from the Old Stoney Building Corporation to Mayor McBarnes. The plaque has the name of the Mayor, Clerk-Treasurer, and the 2016 Council members, the Old Stoney Building Corporation members on it.

Mayor McBarnes recessed the Council meeting at 7:05 PM for the Public Hearing on the Property Tax Abatement for Fontana Fasteners. Jay Moore presented the Proof of Publication and the information on the tax abatement. Mayor McBarnes closed the Public Hearing and opened the Council Meeting at 7:07 PM.

RESOLUTION 17-10:   RESOLUTION APPROVING APPLICATION FOR PERSONAL PROPERTY TAX DEDUCTION IN AN ECONOMIC REVITALIZATION AREA AND ALLOCATION AREA. Jay Moore stated that this has to be in an economic revitalization area and allocation area for the tax abatement to be granted. Steve Beardsley asked about the third paragraph where it states real property. Jay stated to strike real and change it to personal. Steve Beardsley made a motion to pass Resolution 17-10. Wanda Mitchell seconded the motion. Upon roll call vote six “ayes” were recorded. Resolution 17-10 passed 6-0.

RESOLUTION 17-11:   RESOLUTION OF THE CLINTON COUNTY COUNCIL APPROVING STATEMENTS OF BENEFITS AND CONFIRMING AND DESIGNATION OF AN ECONOMIC REVITALIZATION AREA.   Jay Moore stated that the resolution is for the approval of the Statement of Benefits for Fontana Fasteners. We were asked to strike the word “be” on page 2, paragraph 3. Joe Palmer made a motion to pass Resolution 17-11. Clarence Warthan seconded the motion. Upon roll call vote six “ayes” were recorded. Resolution 17-11 pass 6-1.

ORDINANCE 17-10:   AN ORDINANCE AMENDING CHAPTER 90 OF THE MUNICIPAL CODE OF THE CITY OF FRANKFORT RELATING TO ANIMALS AND ANIMAL CONTROL. Clarence Warthan reported that the committee came up with changes taking it from 32 degrees to 0 degrees and the cage size from 32 square feet per dog to 100 square feet. Clarence stated that Eric Woods, Lewis Wheeler, and he had come up with the changes. Lewis Wheeler stated that this would give the power to the Executive Director to enforce the changes. Steve Beardsley stated that this may make it harder to enforce than it is and that he is concerned that maybe it doesn’t make it easier. Jim Moyer asked if we really need to put numbers in the ordinance. Jim Tate of the Clinton County Humane Society stated that they can see it from both sides. Nancy Elsea stated that she thought it was good to give the animal control the authority to ticket. Nancy stated that she felt the main problem is dogs at large in the City and County. Discussion followed. Jim Moyer stated that he thought it should go back to the committee and have them take a look at it and make acceptable suggestions. Joe Palmer made a motion to table Ordinance 17-10. Jim Moyer seconded the motion. Upon roll call vote four “ayes” – Joe Palmer, Clarence Warthan, Steve Beardsley, Jim Moyer and two “nays” – Wanda Mitchell, Lewis Wheeler. Ordinance 17-10 was tabled with a vote of 4-2.


OLD BUSINESS  Nothing reported.

NEW BUSINESS:   Jim Moyer stated that he had received by certified mail a letter addressed to the City Council concerning the TIF funds for ConAgra. Les Bergum stated that this is sent out annually stating that the TIF funds are to be used for TIF and not the other taxing units. Mayor McBarnes stated that this is the required annual reporting and there are no changes.

ADJOURNMENT:   There being no further business to come before the Council, Jim Moyer made a motion to adjourn. Joe Palmer seconded the motion. Mayor McBarnes adjourned the meeting.