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Sunday, March 24, 2019

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City job listings now available on Frankfort Web site

Frankfort, Ind. – With the addition of a human resources section on the City’s Web site, job openings in City and Utility departments now are posted on the site with interested applicants able to submit electronic applications.

According to Human Resources Director Jack Dodd, the new section currently contains two job openings, a lineman and a part-time IT position for Frankfort’s utilities.

“The electronic applications go directly to HR and then are forwarded on to the respective departments to begin the interview and selection process. We are pleased to offer our job listings through our Web site and to make the application process as easy, convenient and efficient as possible,” Dodd said.

The human resources area is found under the Departments and Services section of the Web site’s Home page: https://frankfort-in.gov/departments-and-services/human-resources/ The job listings also can be found towards the bottom of the Home page under Careers With the City.