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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

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Corrie chosen as Frankfort Municipal Utilities general manager

New position responsible for elevating effectiveness, efficiency of utilities’ operations

Frankfort, Ind. – Todd Corrie has been chosen as the City’s first general manager for Frankfort Municipal Utilities in a role created by the Utility Service Board to strengthen and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of Frankfort’s utilities including electric, water, wastewater treatment, storm water, sewer maintenance, the utility billing office, and the IT/Data Center.

According to USB Chairman Mike Kelley, USB members identified a need to help create a business and development-friendly community through effective management principles for Frankfort’s utilities, including cutting regulations and streamlining the operations of the utilities network.

“We also found we needed someone in a leadership position with the background and knowledge in business operations, industrial use of utilities, electrical engineering and experience with governmental policies and procedures. While it might be challenging to find these deep and broad qualifications in one person, we knew one of our fellow leaders already had all of them: Todd Corrie.

“As a member of our joint team of USB and City Council members working with our legal, financial and engineering consultants during the recent electric rate study, Todd’s business knowledge, engineering background and experience with industrial electric rate structures proved to be a valuable asset as we collected information and met with the consultants.

“Frankfort Municipal Utilities is a $40,000,000 annual business in our community. We need a qualified leader accountable to the USB who is on site everyday overseeing the business,” Kelley said. “In his role as a city councilor on the utilities sub-committee, Todd demonstrated his keen ability to take an extremely complex problem and bring potential solutions to the table.”

His significant managerial experience, business background and knowledge of Frankfort’s utilities makes Corrie an outstanding choice for this new role as “the face” of the business representing the utility departments and staff within the community and the region, according to Mayor Chris McBarnes.

Among his many duties, Corrie will be responsible for defining, developing and implementing safety programs and initiatives, modern business practices, collaborative strategic planning and responsible cost containment, including meeting the annual budget established by the USB. In addition, he will manage the use of shared resources as well as develop long and short-range plans for the utilities’ expansion and maintenance as well as the city-utility telecommunications capabilities.

“Our utility operations need to be on par with the rest of our community transformation initiatives currently underway to strengthen Frankfort’s economic development health and community appeal. It’s critically important all of our utilities are financially sound and operating efficiently and effectively. That’s no small task, but one best accomplished under the leadership and guidance of a single, knowledgeable point person reporting to and working in collaboration with the Utility Service Board,” McBarnes said.

According to City Council President Jim Moyer, it’s very important that Frankfort’s utilities operate as a business managed by an experienced professional knowledgeable in the utility arena.

“Having had the pleasure of working with Todd as a fellow city councilor, I believe his experience and knowledge – not to mention his enthusiasm for making our utility operations the best they can be – will be invaluable for our utility staff, resources and operations. In creating Frankfort as a development-friendly community, we must better position our utilities to drive our economic development opportunities,” Moyer said.

Corrie will leave his position as vice president of manufacturing at The Kay Company on Friday, March 17 and will resign his City Council seat effective at midnight on Sunday, March 19 to then take on the role of the Frankfort Municipal Utilities general manager at 8:00 a.m. on Monday, March 20.

“As a city councilor, I became deeply involved in the electric rate study with that work evolving into the opportunity to manage all of our utilities. Other cities are doing the same thing with one person reporting to a utilities board, so the board can handle their responsibilities while a utilities manager oversees operations for all the utilities.

“Having been at The Kay Company for the past 18 years, it was a tough decision to leave. I truly enjoyed my time there and I loved serving on the City Council as well, but I’m excited about opportunities and challenges this new role will bring,” Corrie said. “Our utility staff is great; they are caring and committed and really know their jobs. I want to continue building trust and show support for all of them through consistent and effective communication so we can all work together to get our utilities as a whole back on their feet again.”

While Corrie will report directly to the USB, the utility superintendents and managers will report to him.

A Purdue University graduate with an electrical engineering degree, Corrie and his wife, Susan, are long-time Frankfort residents who have three daughters and two grandchildren.