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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

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Police release 2016 department statistics

Frankfort, Ind. – In the Police Department’s continuous communications with the community, Police Chief Troy Bacon released 2016 statistics showing officers responded to and provided 13,323 police services last year, a decrease of 2,133 from 2015.

Geographically, the northwest area of the City had the highest number of calls and services provided with 4,046 calls; which is 590 less than 2015. The area with the fewest calls and services provided was in the southwest portion of the community with 2,237.

According to the department’s Uniform Crime Report statistics, the number of reported crimes in the City last year was relatively unchanged when compared to 2015. There were slight increases in burglaries and assaults while theft reports were down.

According to Bacon, he is very pleased to see no significant changes in the Uniform Crime Report numbers in 2016.

“I am extremely proud and grateful that the men and women at the department have and continue to work very hard to combat crime and increase the quality of life for our residents and visitors. Partnerships with the community also have enabled us to identify areas needing special attention due to crime issues.

“Overall adult drug violation arrests increased when compared to 2015. In 2016, there was a 12% increase in overall drug violation arrests in the City. There also was a 47% increase in DUI arrests. We are not satisfied with these numbers and must strive to continue our efforts in partnering with the community to make Frankfort as safe as possible.

“Drug and alcohol offenses contribute to 50% of the total arrests we made in last year. We continue to evaluate programs related to drug and alcohol offenses and make changes when needed to improve our enforcement efforts,” Bacon said.

This year, an additional K9 unit is being added to the patrol division to ramp up enforcement capabilities.

“I am very pleased with the aggressive stance the patrol division and narcotics unit have taken toward working to stop the flow of illegal drugs into our community and saving lives by arresting drunk drivers,” Bacon said.

The department also increased traffic stops, traffic and city ordinance warnings and citations in 2016. Frankfort Police conducted 3,117 traffic stops in 2016, an increase over 2015. Police officers also issued 1,350 traffic and city ordinance violation warnings and 1,016 traffic and city ordinance citations.