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Friday, April 27, 2018

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Board of Public Works Meeting Minutes – Thursday, July 14, 2016

Regular Meeting, Board of Public Works, IT Data Center, 1050 Washington Avenue, Frankfort, IN 46041, Thursday, July 14, 2016, 2:00 p.m.

The Board of Public Works and Safety met in a regular meeting on Thursday, July 14, 2016 in the IT Center, 1050 Washington Avenue, Frankfort, Indiana at 2:00 PM.  The following action was taken.

Ken Estes called the meeting to order and led the assembly in the Pledge of Allegiance. Jim Siegfried then prayed.  Ken Estes, Jim Siegfried, Sam Payne, John Kirby, Troy Bacon, Joel Tatum, Jason Forsythe, Les Bergum and Barbara Conner were present.


The minutes of the June 23, 2016 regular meeting were presented.   Jim made a motion to approve the minutes of the June 23, 2016 regular meeting.  Ken seconded the motion.  Motion passed 2-0.


There were no comments.


Police Chief Troy Bacon gave a ½ way report on crime.  He said there was a slight increase.   The police officers have finished their training of the Body cameras.  Chief Bacon  discussed the clarity of the cameras saying they are really good.  The biggest thing they are wanting with the Body cameras, is to see what happens outside of the car.


Fire Chief John Kirby said they have been passing out lots of fire brochures at their fair booth this year.  He mentioned that they have only received one bid for the Tuck pointing.  They had notified 2 other bidders to bid, which they didn’t receive a bid from them.  Les, City Attorney, told Chief Kirby  as long as they notified three people they could go ahead and accept the bid.  Chief Kirby stated that he would like to get at least one more bid to compare prices.  Chief Kirby asked  the Board to ratify the quote for gas detectors.  Jim Siegfried moved that they ratify the quote for gas detectors and Ken Estes seconded.  The motion passed 2-0.  Chief Kirby talked to Tom Ransom at Kramer’s about building a retaining wall.  Kramer’s gave a price for 380 bricks, it would cost $763.00, which was a discount of $.30 a brick.  Ken Estes made a motion to accept the buying of bricks and Jim Siegfried seconded the motion.  The motion passed 2-0.


Joel Tatum, Parks Superintendent said the 4th of July went well with no hiccups.  All departments pitched in to help out.  Joel mentioned it was his first year to do the 4th of July celebration, with the death of Connie Howe, because she always handled it.  The last concert for the Park will be July 15th.  The August 13th movie will be sponsored by NTK.  The Fountain light was put on today July 14th.  He said that it looks beautiful.   Joel mentioned that the curly slide was damaged over the weekend of July 9th.  It needs to be taken down and it will cost $10,000.00 to replace it.


Sam Payne, Building Inspector stated that Tobias Cortez 351 S. Second St. wants their permit extended 3 months.  Jim Siegfried made the motion and Ken Estes seconded the motion.  Motion passed 2-0.  The Building Trades class wants their building permit fee waived.  Jim Siegfried moved to wave the fee and Ken Estes seconded the motion.  Motion passed 2-0.  Sam mentioned that his office has been in contact with the owner of 700 Washington Ave, stating they are not keeping up on their property. His office has given them a 10 day notice to repair or the city will repair the property.   Sam discussed the CSX mowing contract, stating the contract is good until Dec. 31, .2017.  Sam also made mention that they received $15,746.00 for weed liens and property maintenance clean up.


Jason Forsythe, Street Superintendent discussed their recycling.  He stated that the first 5 months this year they had received $1107.90 for metal.   They have recycled 720 pounds this year.  They are $370.00 in the red, which a lot is due to the fact they haven’t had time to be working in the back.   When they were able to work in the back, they were in the black.  Jason presented 2 quotes for a new copier, printer and scanner.  He received a quote from Netwise for $3,820.25 if it is purchased outright. The other option with this bid would be a 60 month lease would be $74.85 and adding service would be $22.00 a month for a total of $96.85 per month.  The other quote came from Cardinal, it is a 48 month lease for $59.80 a month.  This would include a per copy charge of $0.12 for black and white or $.08 for color.  This would also include all parts and labor.   On the Paving, Calumet is finishing Clinton and Clay streets.  They are also going to fill in the roads where Jim Michael has been working on the sidewalks.  He said they would be working Sat. July 16th.  They will not be doing Short Columbia St. this year due to Vectren doing some work.  They will add it on to next years street paving.


Les Bergum, City Attorney, opened bids for the following 2016 Street Paving Projects.

Division A – Project 1 Alhambra Ave-from Ricker Dr. to Fairgrounds Rd., Project 2 McClurg Street – from John St. to Gentry St. and Gentry St. to Columbia St.

Division B –  Project 3 Lawrence Farrell Park Overlay, Project 4 TPA Park Area, Project 5 TPA Park Area, Project 6 TPA Park area, Project 7 TPA Park area, Project 8 TPA Park Area, Project 9 TPA Park area.

Division C – Project 10  Lawrence Farrell Park.

Project                                  Milestone                                              Rieth Riley                                                          1                                        42,800.00                                                 40,000.00

2                                       20,650.00                                                   19,300.00

3                                      28,700.00                                                    23,700.00

4                                       3,200.00                                                        2,650.00

5                                        5,550.00                                                         4,600.00

6                                        13,400.00                                                      11,100.00

7                                         15,000.00                                                      23,800.00

8                                          10,350.00                                                       8,600.00

9                                            9,850.00                                                       8,100.00

10                                           17,900.00                                                    7,700.00


Total A                                                   63,450.00                                               59,300.00

Total B                                                  86,050.00                                                 82,550.00

Total C                                                  17,900.00                                                  7,700.00

Total A, B, C                                          167,400.00                                             149,550.00

Discussion followed on the bids that were received for the second phase of the 2016 Street Paving Project. The Board took the quotes under advisement and will either have a special meeting or make a decision at their next meeting.


Nothing reported.


Kim Stevens thanked the Street Dept. for the paving of the roads and also thanked the Building Inspector’s office for everything they have done to help with the Sidewalk project and Jim Michael’s crew.  The Hot Dog Festival is at the end of the month.  Kim has talked with Bruce Cohen, owner of Arni’s about making outdoor seating in the alley between Arni’s and Ellis Jewelers.  She wanted the City’s approval , Ken Estes said he believed that was a USB right of way and they would have to talk to them.  Ken Estes stated that  she had their permission to do it as long as the USB gave their approval.


Claims were presented.   Jim Siegfried made a motion to approve the claims as presented.  Ken Estes   seconded the motion.  Motion passed 2-0.  The claim docket was signed.


There being no further business to come before the board  adjourned the meeting.