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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

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Statement: passing of TPA Park Petting Zoo resident Rudy the kangaroo

RudyToday is a very sad day at the TPA Park. Our beloved kangaroo, Rudy, passed away following complications from dental surgery.

Rudy was a three-year-old Red Kangaroo who charmed everyone he met. Blind since shortly after birth, he was a donation from a breeder in northern Indiana and had been a resident of the TPA Park Petting Zoo for the past two years.

Rudy spent his days exploring the bird aviary (where he was housed) and relaxing in the sun. He loved people and his fellow petting zoo residents.

According to Parks Superintendent Joel Tatum, hundreds of visitors came to see Rudy with many people asking for him if he wasn’t outside.

Rest in peace, Rudy. You are loved and will be missed.