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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

News & Updates

Fire Chief releases department statistics

Kirby outlines activity from January – May

Frankfort, Ind. – At the most recent Board of Public Works meeting, Fire Chief John Kirby outlined the Fire Department’s activity statistics from January 1 – May 12 of this year with 869 total calls happening during that time.

“Of the 869 calls, 560 were fire-related and 309 were EMS calls. Compared to January – May 12 of last year, our total calls were 741 with 381 fire-related and 360 being EMS calls.

“Since January 1 of this year, we have had five structure fires, two vehicle fires and 30 outside rubbish, trash or waste fires. During this same time period last year, we had 22 structure fires, six vehicle fires and 25 outside rubbish, trash or waste fires,” Kirby said.

Fire inspections at 378 are up significantly this year, compared to January – May 12 of last year with 143 inspections.

“Fire Inspector Kevin Catron is very focused on inspections – and when necessary – follow up inspections of Frankfort businesses. These inspections have been an invaluable proactive step in eliminating fire hazards while keeping our corporate citizens’ staff, businesses and properties more protected,” Kirby said.

While inspections are done for businesses, the Fire Department in partnership with the Police Department offers a free Safer Seniors Program for Frankfort residents 65 years and older. This service – with no fines ever issued – is designed for firefighters and police officers (at residents’ request) to conduct a safety inspection of residents’ homes and make recommendations for any safety improvements needed.

Recommended improvements typically include a new smoke detector (which firefighters can provide and install free of charge) and fire and security hazards (cut back shrubs in front of windows, remove several electrical cords into one power outlet).

“Our senior residents are among our most cherished yet vulnerable members of the community, so we are pleased to have launched our Safer Seniors Program five years ago when the McBarnes administration took office.

“We want to be sure our ‘young at heart’ residents and their family members know the program still is operating and available by calling us to schedule a free visit at 654-4329,” Kirby said.