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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

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Fire Department’s Smoke Alarm Blitz: great results!

Thanks to the hard work of community and Red Cross volunteers and firefighters, 483 smoke alarms were installed in 210 homes Saturday, April 23 in the north and east sections of the City with 628 family members living in those homes. A surprising 66% of all the homes visited during this event had no smoke alarms.

Smoke Alarm Blitz teams of 65 volunteers and 15 firefighters hung more than 1,000 door hangers at homes where no one was home, letting homeowners know the team was there and the importance of having working smoke alarms.

In the past two years, firefighters and volunteers installed 1,800 smoke alarms in Frankfort residents’ homes.  Seventy percent of all the homes they visited during these past two years had no alarms.

Public safety always is job #1, so we appreciate everyone who allowed the blitz teams to come into their homes and install working smoke alarms to help keep everyone safer.  Thank you!