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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

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Letter to the editor from Mayor McBarnes

The following letter to the editor from Mayor McBarnes was sent to the Frankfort Times to clarify his position on Ruler Foods (Kroger subsidiary) possibly locating to Frankfort.

Dear Editor:

Let me state clearly: Frankfort welcomes Ruler Foods (a subsidiary of Kroger) to compete for grocery dollars. But when they ask for tax breaks, I want to see good jobs created in return.

Consideration of whether tax breaks are appropriate is complicated. The City Council has to decide whether Ruler Foods creates enough good jobs and enough positive impact to deserve the extensive tax breaks that Ruler Foods has requested. From the beginning, I told Ruler Foods they are welcome, but that I believe their proposal has too many part-time jobs without benefits to warrant the tax breaks they want.

Personally, I prefer to offer tax breaks only in return for full-time jobs with benefits that can sustain Frankfort families. Ruler Foods’ proposal is mostly part-time jobs.

Bottom line: I want Frankfort citizens to have more shopping alternatives, but when it comes to tax breaks, I’m personally looking to attract the kind of jobs with benefits that further enhance Frankfort families’ quality of life. I encourage residents to attend the January 28 7:00 p.m. City Council meeting where Ruler Foods’ request will be discussed.

Mayor Chris McBarnes