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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

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Frankfort Police bust meth lab

Frankfort, IN – Thanks to the keen observations of a Frankfort police officer on routine patrol early this morning, a methamphetamine lab was discovered, dismantled and two arrests were made in the 800 block of South Fifth Street.

Twenty-four-year-old Juanita M. Cotton and 29-year-old Joshua S. Cotton were charged with Manufacturing Methamphetamines and Maintaining a Common Nuisance in addition to an unrelated arrest warrant for both of them.

During patrol at approximately 12:22 a.m. today, the officer smelled a strong chemical odor coming from a nearby trailer park. Because of his training and police experience, he recognized the odor as being associated with a meth lab. After calling for backup, officers walked the area and traced the odor to 805 South Fifth Street, Lot 4.

According to Police Chief Troy Bacon, as officers attempted to make contact with the homeowner, one officer started feeling a burning sensation in his eyes.

“After our officers contacted the homeowners, they discovered the lab inside the residence, arrested the Cottons and called the Indiana State Police Meth Lab Team to dismantle the laboratory.

“Methamphetamine laboratories are a very serious health hazard to those operating the lab, the public and investigating officers; all of whom inhale the harmful fumes. Thankfully, our officers are all fine and those in the surrounding area are safe, now that the lab has been shut down.

“I commend our team of officers who made these important arrests that removed dangerous individuals from the general public and put an end to this lab operation,” Bacon said.

The Cottons are in custody at the Clinton County Jail.

Anyone who suspects a meth lab may be in operation should always contact Frankfort Police Department Dispatch at 654-4431.

For questions or interview requests, contact Chief Bacon at 654-4245.